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        Industrial lubricating oil

        Vehicle engine oil

        Coal-based rocket kerosene


        Xi’an Hangjie Chemical Technology CO., LTD. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xi’an Aerospace Propulsion Test Technology Institute. Established in 2002,Hangjie has 153 employees, including 53 professional personnel and 49 personnel above senior and intermediate professional title.

        Taking the technology and resource advantages in the field of propellant research, analysis and application of Xi’an Aerospace Propulsion Test Technology Institute specialized in the technical research of the giant liquid-propellant rocket engine, Hangjie focuses on the development and production of aerospace dedicated products “Ignition Agent, Cleaning Agent, Rocket Kerosene, Dinitrogen Tetroxide, etc.” and series of civil-use fine chemicals “Daminozide, Yellow Inhibitors, DMPO, 3-Amino-1,2,4-Triazole, etc.”, Some products’ technical level is leading around the world and some products are listed in the provincial and municipal scientific and technological innovation projects.

        As the world’s largest and best manufacturer of Daminozide and Yellow Inhibitors, Hangjie grasps the development opportunity brought by the changes of international chemical market demand, to deepen the application research of hydrazine derivative series products and speed up the pace of technological achievement transformation and industrialization. Hangjie has established the complete quality management system and EHS management system. Hangjie has many qualifications as awarded the Pesticide Production License, Pesticide Registration Certificate, Hazardous Chemicals Production License, Certificate of High-tech Enterprise etc. Its products passed the EU-REACH registration and EPA certification of USA.

        With its advanced technology, complete testing means and strict quality and safety management, Hangjie is favored and praised by customers at home and abroad, building a good brand image of aerospace special chemicals. Xi’an Hangjie Chemical Technology CO., LTD. will continue to adhere the business principle of “Keep improving and customer first”. We would like to cooperate with friends at home and abroad sincerely with high-tech, high quality, and high standards, to create a brilliant future together.


        No.165 Institute Building, No.18 Yuhang Street, Xi'an,


        +86-29-85615585  +86-29-85207237

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